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🐘🐘Internal Growth and Development🐘🐘

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Growth and Development.

I am not the person I was a year ago and definitely not the person I was few years ago. Growth is a beautiful thing mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. Everyone’s path is different but eventually you will get there regardless of who came in or out of your life. The choices that we make effect and affect others and how we choose to react to the stimuli placed in front of us good or bad is our responsibility.

I’ve been interested in herbalism, the idea of alchemy, moon phases, meditation, shamanistic/natural medicine, reiki or energy work before I knew that it actually had a name well as a teenager. Somethings due to circumstances just had to be kept to myself. There is however a connection between spiritualty and herbal health. We are connected to this planet and everything that we need has been provided for us…once you find the right combination. It is hard for them to not overlap we often simplify it and overlook the connection but they are there.

Different meanings for similar things. Imagine picturing energy pulsing from your hands and having the power to make someone feel better. Mixing herbs for “tea” is actually creating tonics & brews. Vivid dreams are lucid dreaming. Just knowing something was going to happen some call it intuition others call it claircognizance. The uncanny ability to literally take in other people’s emotions as if it’s your own. To y

ou it maybe be “putting your feet in their shoes” but someone else may call it clairempathy.

These are things I did before I knew what they meant or before I knew some of them had names.

I did not see them as healer traits, works or gifts from my bloodline but as weird quirks I had.

Who knew.

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