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What You Need to Know About Last Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

Last Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko: A Review

If you are a fan of urban fantasy, you may have heard of Sergei Lukyanenko, one of Russia's most popular authors in this genre. His Watch series, which consists of six novels, has been translated into many languages and adapted into several films. The fourth novel in the series, Last Watch, was published in 2006 and returns us to the hyper-imaginative world of Lukyanenko, where the endless battle between good and evil is about to reach its climax.

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The Plot

Last Watch follows Anton Gorodetsky, a member of the Night Watch, a secret organization that monitors and regulates the activities of the Others, supernatural beings who can choose to serve either the Light or the Dark. Anton is a Light magician who has recently gained new powers and responsibilities. His boss, Gesar, sends him to assist the Scottish Night Watch in Edinburgh in a murder investigation. A young Russian man has been killed by a vampire, but the mystery is more than it seems. The murderer appears to be someone with intimate knowledge of the Night Watch, and soon Anton finds himself in danger.

As Anton tries to solve the case, he discovers that a plot is being hatched by the forces of both darkness and light that could threaten the balance of the world. The plot involves an ancient artifact called the Crown of All Things, which has the power to grant any wish to its wearer. Anton must find out who is behind the plot and stop them before it is too late.

The Themes

One of the main themes of Last Watch is the moral ambiguity of both sides in the conflict between good and evil. Lukyanenko does not present a clear-cut distinction between the Light and the Dark, but rather shows that both have their flaws and virtues. The Light may have noble intentions, but they can also be arrogant, manipulative, and hypocritical. The Dark may have selfish motives, but they can also be honest, loyal, and courageous. Anton himself struggles with his own choices and actions throughout the book, as he realizes that he is not always on the right side.

Another theme of Last Watch is the role of fate and free will in human lives. Lukyanenko explores how much control people have over their own destinies, and how much they are influenced by external forces. He also questions whether people can change their nature or whether they are bound by their inherent qualities. Anton faces these dilemmas as he tries to understand his own identity and purpose as an Other.

The Style

Lukyanenko's writing style is engaging and captivating. He creates a vivid and realistic depiction of his fictional world, blending elements of fantasy, horror, mystery, and thriller. He uses humor, sarcasm, and irony to lighten up the mood and add some wit to his narration. He also uses metaphors and analogies to illustrate his points and make his story more relatable.

Lukyanenko's tone is conversational and informal, as if he is talking directly to his readers. He uses personal pronouns, simple sentences, rhetorical questions, and active voice to make his writing more accessible and friendly. He also breaks the fourth wall occasionally, addressing his readers directly or commenting on his own writing process.

The Reception

Last Watch received mostly positive reviews from critics and readers alike. It was praised for its originality, creativity, complexity, and humor. It was also commended for its social commentary, philosophical depth, and moral ambiguity. Some critics noted that Last Watch was more mature and darker than the previous books in the series, and that it offered a satisfying conclusion to the main storyline. However, some critics also pointed out some flaws in the book, such as its slow pace, its excessive length, its confusing plot twists, and its lack of character development.

Last Watch was a bestseller in Russia and other countries where it was published. It was also nominated for several awards, such as the British Fantasy Award and the Prometheus Award. It was adapted into a film in 2009, directed by Timur Bekmambetov and starring Konstantin Khabensky as Anton.


Last Watch is a thrilling and thought-provoking urban fantasy novel that will keep you hooked until the end. It is a book that will make you question your own beliefs and values, and challenge you to think outside the box. It is a book that will entertain you, inspire you, and make you laugh. It is a book that you will not regret reading.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Last Watch and their answers:

  • Do I need to read the previous books in the series before reading Last Watch?

  • It is recommended that you read the previous books in the series, namely Night Watch, Day Watch, and Twilight Watch, before reading Last Watch. This will help you understand the background, the characters, and the rules of the world better. However, if you don't have time or access to the previous books, you can still enjoy Last Watch as a standalone novel, as Lukyanenko provides enough explanations and summaries to help you follow the story.

  • Is Last Watch suitable for young readers?

  • Last Watch is not suitable for young readers, as it contains scenes of violence, gore, sex, and profanity. It also deals with mature and complex themes that may not be appropriate for children or teenagers. The recommended age for reading Last Watch is 18 and above.

  • Is Last Watch the final book in the series?

  • Last Watch is the final book in the main storyline of the series, which follows Anton's journey as an Other. However, Lukyanenko wrote two more books in the series, New Watch and Sixth Watch, which are set in the same world but focus on different characters and events. These books are considered spin-offs rather than sequels.

  • Where can I buy Last Watch?

  • You can buy Last Watch from various online platforms, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and You can also find it in your local bookstore or library.

  • How can I learn more about Sergei Lukyanenko and his other works?

  • You can visit Sergei Lukyanenko's official website at, where you can find his biography, bibliography, news, interviews, and contact information. You can also follow him on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.



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