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Audi Mmi Basic Plus Europe Cd: Why You Need It and Where to Get It

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Audi Mmi Basic Plus Europe Cd

there is the option of switching between english and german automatically, depending on the region in which the car is being used. no matter what language is being used, the menu options and controls are always the same. if you want to switch to a different language, you just need to choose it from the drop-down menu below. the languages available are; german, french, italian, spanish, mandarin, korean, japanese, russian, chinese, hungarian and polish.

there are a few other functions and options that are present, such as favourites, a new feature which is similar to apple carplay and android auto. you can save multiple contacts, such as family members, businesses and friends, that you would like to call from the touchscreen. if you have done this, you can instantly call any one of these contacts, by selecting the icon below and pressing the call button. if you wish to set your own personal favourites, its easy too. select the little plus symbol, and you can add contacts, which can be saved by pressing the favourite button.

the digital instrument cluster in bmws navigation features a 12.3-inch (304-mm) display that shows not only a gauge for the current speed, but also offers additional information about the fuel level, outside temperature, average speed, average fuel consumption, and the range to the next fuel station. note that the number of speed zones is more limited than in the audis offering, and the fuel gauge displays only part of the information, not the full one.


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