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The meaning behind Matching Rings

A bit out of date in recent times Engagement still has significance in relation to the future spouse, and also to the family. Engagement is a promise to get married, from the engagement day until the wedding. The wedding usually takes place a year later.

The history of the engagement band

Are you getting ready to propose do you believe that the big day is just around the corner and that he'll soon put the engagement ring on your finger? However, one question remains unanswered. On which finger should you put or wear the engagement ring? And what is the meaning?

In ancient times it was commonplace to see brides wearing their engagement ring on the finger of their left hand. The Vena Amoris, which is also known as the vein of Love, was believed to connect the finger directly to the heart. The bond was more fervent and romantic.

Although today everyone knows that this isn't an actual fact, the tradition has remained. Rings for engagements worn by women are always worn on the left finger. Following the wedding ceremony it is also commonplace to see the wedding ring juxtaposed or placed on the ring finger of the right hand.

Thirty years back when I was engaged, it was a time to think to make sure that the spouses were made to live together. It also was an opportunity, and this is not insignificant, the opportunity to present the promise to the family.

It is still common for people to gift and select an engagement ring for the one they love. There is the option of having small gatherings to celebrate the engagement, but very typically, the party is held in a very smaller circle of family members like siblings, parents and siblings. The couple isn't necessarily an apologist however, the ceremony is now a tradition.

The engagement ring is constructed of silver or white gold, however it can be made from platinum for its strength and durability.

How to select an engagement ring

You've chosen to get married It's a given. However, despite this choice, you still have several steps to take before enjoying the long-awaited day. One of them is selecting the ring for your engagement, meaning that you will cherish it all your life.

Do you want to choose a luxurious car? A solitary one? Maybe you're planning to pass on the ring once worn by your mother or grandmother? Each engagement ring is distinctive... Depending on the style and shape that attracts her the most, the rose gold engagement ring or diamond engagement ring can be the preferred. The style of the ring can be different however the appeal remains.

There are a variety of ways to emphasize the diamond or precious stone on rings. This is a discussion of solitaire or trio when there are three stones placed side by side and with the same dimensions. Rail grain, pave, French or Castle setting, the white gold engagement ring as well as its precious stones set within the ring form a part of the jewelry that is offered.

These designs are elegant, without being extravagant. Gems can be placed on the entire ring or just one piece, based on the style you prefer. The sapphire engagement ring that includes ruby, emerald and diamond is an iconic classic. Each stone is associated with a meaning for example: the diamond signifies innocence, purity the emerald symbolises true love; opal represents hope; the pearl is longevity and health, and the sapphire symbolizes fidelity and wisdom.

The precious metal can also have special significance for engagement rings. These are the precious or semiprecious stones selected and the overall look of the jewelry. A symbol of eternal love, the diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly the most popular combination. Ruby red represents the joy that comes from the union and the passion that consumes the newlyweds. This precious stone is extremely rare, making it a unique piece of jewelry.

The engagement ring signifies the end of time

The meaning of the engagement ring is the 4Cs

When selecting your precious stones, you can use the "4C" rule to determine the price. You may have heard about the "4C rule" when choosing precious stones Carat: weight of the precious gemstone Cut: quality of the cut Clarity: number of inclusions within the stone (the smaller the number, the higher the quality) Color: the color of the diamond. The range goes from D for white to M for yellowish. To determine the price of the jewel, it is necessary to take into consideration these characteristics for each stone. The design chosen and its intricateness will have an effect on the rarity of the engagement ring, which is a criterion for determining the price to pay.

The formalization and formalization of love

No matter how much money you can afford the engagement ring is the best way to show your affection. It is the very first sign of your marriage and should reflect your happiness and also his. The jewelry must be able to withstand the test of time and diamonds are the most durable precious stone.

The wedding rings and engagement rings

The use of yellow gold for the engagement ring is usually advised, especially if plan to pair it with white gold for the wedding ring, which is also a precious metal. This is a tense area, as the uses for gold are changing constantly. As larger natural diamonds become more rare, a stunning cut stone is a good option if you're looking for your engagement ring to make the biggest impact possible when compared to a more subtle wedding band.


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