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Watch Gossip Girl S01E14

Blair dreams herself as Audrey Hepburn at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's, as she chases her cat, Cat. Nate, who is portraying George Peppard's character, calls her Jenny and says that she doesn't have a cat or anyone. She then wakes up to Dorota opening her curtains and telling her to get up for school, as Serena is coming to walk with her soon. Blair asks her to call and cancel because she doesn't want to go back. At The Palace, Serena finds Chuck smoking in her bathroom. He refuses to leave and she chooses not to shower and let it go. Elsewhere, Jenny walks to school with Penelope, Hazel, Elise, and Is. They discuss how they're going to Socialista to celebrate Jenny's 15th birthday and plan what they're going to order and wear. Is asks Jenny if they're going to stop at ATM so she can pay Penelope back for brunch, but Penelope says she doesn't feel like stopping, so they continue on. Back at The Palace, Serena, Eric, and Chuck go down to the breakfast table where Bart and Lily are waiting for them. Lily comments that Serena didn't shower but she says nothing in reply, just leaves to go meet Blair. Once she's gone, Bart tells Chuck that as his best man, he expects him to behave. Chuck is happy that he was chosen and tells his father that he's honored before proposing a toast to family. At the loft, Rufus fills Dan in on Jenny's trip to Aspen, Colorado with Hazel's family. He admits he hasn't gotten her to say what she wants to do for her birthday yet and Dan offers to get it out of her when he sees her. On the way to school, Blair tells Serena she's really considering home school. Serena fills her in on all the new gossip: Kati's family moved back to Israel and she moved in with the Bass'. She assures Blair that her scandal is well in the past and Blair chooses to believe her. However, when they arrive at school, Jenny, Penelope, and all the other girls dump yogurt on Blair's head as everyone laughs at her. Serena helps Blair inside while Nate watches the whole scene and makes eye contact with Jenny.

Watch Gossip Girl S01E14



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